Sober Coaching


Sober coaching is not counselling, it deals with practical, here and now solutions and lifestyle alterations aimed at empowering a client to lead an independent addiction free life.  However, as your sober coach I can support you to find a suitable counsellor should you want one.


Sober coaching is solution focused support that provides practical coping strategies to help clients achieve or maintain abstinence.



I work with clients at all stages of recovery, from finding a suitable detox program,  to support maintaining abstinence and relapse prevention.


This can include transitions from treatment to home and work, or assisting clients to attend outpatient commitments both nationally and internationally.



Sober Companion:


The sober companion service provides a bespoke tailor made package. This is an intensive one to one program, allowing a client to achieve or maintain abstinence. I live and travel with clients for an agreed amount of time, discreetly supporting them to acheive their desired goals.


As a sober companion I will challenge, encourage and motivate a client to create a healthy lifestyle that empowers them to remain abstinent.


A sober companion is not an oncall 24 hour therapist, more a discreet sober personal assistant to help clients achieve maximum results when other more traditional programs may have failed or are not appropriate given a clients work, family or social commitments.


As a sober companion I can work nationally or internationally with a client from one day, a week or months,  providing ongoing long term support.


Support can include:


Accompanying clients daily through work and social engagements.


Transport to and from treatment and daily outpatient treatment.


Daily support around nutrition and fitness.  


Daily relapse prevention to identifying and exploring relapse triggers


Ensuring a drug and alcohol free environment.


Help clients identify previous blocks to successful abstinence.


Liaise with other health professional involved in a client’s treatment plan under consent and where appropriate.




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